Knowledge Work Artisans

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Knowledge Work Artisans

Has work gone mad?

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by your job?   Or, do you feel unfulfilled in your career/work?  Are all the demands too chaotic now? Or way off base?  Or coming just too fast?  Do the new technology advances feel like a fire hose that can't be caught, much less mastered?  Do you feel like you should be doing things differently somehow, to live better/easier?  Could you only do your best work, less of it, and in less time, yet accomplish more, and produce more value from your efforts?   

A Community of Practice Approach to Professional Development

We bring together overwhelmed, frustrated and unfulfilled knowledge workers from various professions to reinvent, then master their own more capable learning and work practices, processes and systems, so they can produce the optimal outcomes which enable the lives to which they aspire.

We will be launching soon and are considering new participating members right now.  If you want to develop a more capable work life, please request to join.   And, together, we will work on stopping the madness.

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